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Pricing Structure 2023 & 2024
Joining Fee 
  • A one-off, non-refundable joining fee of £20 is payable upon application to join the club. 

Probationary Courses 

  • Those not eligible for Full Membership are required to undertake a probationary period, including (amongst other things) satisfactorily completing the club’s Fullbore Rifle Course (£90 – which includes training manual). 

  • A 1 1⁄2 day Gallery Rifle Course is also available (£90 – including the necessary range fee, firearms & ammunition), though is purely optional. 

  • Please contact the Chairman if you wish to discuss the content, format, and timing of these courses. 

Annual Membership Fees 
  • Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December. 

  • Upon advice that your Full Membership has been accepted (so will not apply to Probationary Members until the end of their probationary period & completion of probationary requirements), those joining during the year will need to pay the below annual fees pro-rata to the remainder of the current calendar year: 







Range Fees 
  • These will generally be £10 per session (morning or afternoon), though may on occasion need to be increased if the cost of range hire exceeds the number of shooters attending x £10. 

  • The £10 range fee can be paid in advance (and your place booked) online via the Azolve system (follow the links on our Events Page to the event you wish to book). 

Ammunition Costs & Hire of Firearms 

  • For those needing to purchase ammunition via the club, the cost will vary to reflect the cost of such ammunition to the club. 

  • For any member (or group of members) wishing to use a firearm hired from the NRA at Bisley, the club can arrange this for you, but you must cover the full cost to the club of such hire - current prices can be viewed here

  • Please inform the Chairman / designated RCO well in advance if you require either of these. 

Guest Days 
  • On designated Guest Days only, £30 per guest for Fullbore shoots; £10 for Gallery Rifle shoots.

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