STS gets Home Office Approval 5th February 2020!

Great news and much celebration as STS achieves a huge milestone of Home Office Approval as a Target Shooting Club. Our Home Office reference number is 420848 and we hold approval for the following categories:

Small Bore Rifles

Full Bore Rifles (not designated or adapted to fire ammunition capable of discharging projectiles at muzzle energies greater than 10,000 foot pounds)

Muzzle-Loading Pistols

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On the 8th of December we had wonderful news. We had a name and our affiliation to the NRA had been approved and our affiliation pack and Bisley range pass had been received in the post, we were all

Offering Action Shooting and Long Distance Shooting in Hampshire, Surrey and the South of England.

Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

NRA Affiliation Number - CSA 1884

Home Office Approval Number - 420848

HOA valid until 04/02/2026