Solent Target Shooting Investing!

Being a new club it was always going to be a challenging first year, our members have always been highly supportive and been behind STS from its conception. When STS was created we put out a big ask for financial backing which was greeted with enthusiasm. Despite this years additional complications with pandemics and restrictions STS has still come through remarkably well and strong. Most likely owing to the fact that we don't currently have a bricks and mortar site that we have to pay for going in our favour.

That being said the club has made a financial net gain through the year and we feel that we should ring true to our commitment that we will pay back into the club getting some fantastic equipment for our members, probation members ,and guests to use. So we are pleased to announce that we have bought a brand new Sightron S3 scope and also three sets of electronic hearing protection for club members to use. What is next? As soon as the renewals are done, in the new year Solent Target Shooting will be investing in a new club rifle for everyone to use. This will be a good quality rifle as we know that you can only expect quality learning when you have quality equipment to use! Lets hope our treasurer can give a good budget for the rifle and accessories!

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