How do I Join?

Joining Us as a new members with no FAC or HOA club


If you already know a full member of STS then you are already one step ahead of the game, it is a legal requirement that a full member of the club must sponsor and vouch for your application to join the club.  Don’t worry if you do not know anyone at STS as you can either meet and talk to some of us at one of our events as a non shooting guest, or we can arrange to meet you before hand to say hello and to tell you all about the club. This will help you decide if our club is the right club for you to join and if target shooting is right for you.  It is also a chance for us to get to know you and see that everyone is both mature and responsible enough to be around live firearms.


If it is decided on both sides that Solent Target Shooting is a good match for an applicant then we will progress your application and send that off to the local police firearms licensing department which is also required to ensure that no concerns are raised about any individual having access to firearms.  As long as we don’t hear anything bad back from the department then your application will be looked over by the management committee of STS and as long as everyone is happy with your application then we will contact you to arrange your mandatory probationary training.

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What do I get for my Membership?

  • Fully structured probationary training & ongoing skills development in line with up to date NRA practices.

  • A dedicated team of friendly people running the club both administrative and on the range to include qualified Range Officers and Instructors.

  • Regular club event bookings covering Fullbore, Smallbore, Gallery Rifles and Short Range Pistols with plans to expand into Muzzle Loading Firearms.

  • Online bookings, payments, forum, and monthly instalment options for membership renewals.

  • STS is also trialling flexible custom bookings for its members.  Providing that  there are two STS certified Range Officers, and that financial commitments are met for your booking, we will try to book a Bisley Range for you and add it to the events calendar for other members.  click here to find out more about this.

  • Free annual SCC assessments and SCC cards.

  • Family social events through the year.

  • A safe place to both shoot, and learn to shoot with safeguarding policies in place.

Application Form

Click the link below to complete our online application form.


STS Constitution

Click the link below for a PDF download of our Constitution.

STS Byelaws

Click the link below for a PDF download of our Byelaws.